Dairy Nutritional Value


Frozen Yoghurt Cookie Sandwiches

2 min
Serves 4


Big round cookies
Frozen yoghurt
Hundreds and thousands
Cookie cutter (round) – Can be any shape


  1. On a plate or tray, lay out 4 big round cookies upside- down and set aside.
  2. Make sure yoghurt is very cold and frozen and as solid as possible.
  3. Cut 4 yoghurt slices with a warm butter knife.
  4. Turn the yoghurt slices flat and use a cookie cutter to cut round ice cream slices.
  5. Place round yoghurt slices on top of the upside down big round cookie.
  6. Place another big round cookie on top of the yoghurt slice to create a sandwich.
  7. Dip the yoghurt sandwich into a big bowl of hundreds and thousands.
  8. Voila!